Product Overview

Why Do You Need a CRM?


  • Manage Internet Leads (Auto Trader, Car Gurus, TrueCar)
  • Set a work plan (Scheduled Follow Up System) for your sales team
  • Transparency into Sales Reps customer management and sales pipeline
  • In the event a sales rep is fired, he/she doesn't leave with valuable customer data Sales opportunities at a glance through management dashboard


  • Automate Data Entry with Driver's License Scanner and VIN Scanner
  • Be a 24/7 Sales person by leveraging a Mobile CRM
  • Ability to remarket and "remind" yourself of follow ups and be more informed of a customer's history at your dealership

Built from the ground up for dealers
just like you!

Our Desktop platform is cloud-based and can be used with major internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) as well as Apple computers. Some of our web platforms powerful features include:

Cloud-Based Platform

Whether you are on a Mac, Windows computer, iPad, or even at the auction you can access Selly from anywhere

Manage Internet leads

Manage leads from Autotrader, CarGurus, TrueCar, as well as other major providers

Selly Work Plans

Create and customize automated follow-up schedules for your sales team.

Prospect Management

Add fresh ups, track follow-ups, assign automated tasks, and maximize customer contacts

Inventory Management

Sync inventory from your DMS or website, pull Carfax/Autocheck/Carproof reports and more

Appointment & Task Management

Manage and create new appointments and tasks for your sales team.

SMS/MMS Text Messaging

Text customers from Selly Automotive and manage opt-ins to be compliant.

Selly Voice

Record Inbound and Outbound Calls through the Selly Voice add-on

Automated Email Replies

Setup automated replies to internet leads and manage sales team lead response time.

Manager's View Dashboard

Quickly manage sales team performance with our intuitive manager’s dashboard

Selly Training

Fast onboarding and training fits in smoothly with existing sales processes.

Selly Mobile App - The Essentials

Mobile is a “must have” for a CRM with statistics showing an increase in the amount of fresh-ups added by 30% when using a mobile CRM tool. Selly™ for the Dealership Mobile literally puts social media marketing tools in the hands of car sales professionals to connect with their customers online from anywhere! Research suggests that 79% of sales resources that use social media selling tools outperform those who don’t.

  • Simplifies and automates data input with Driver’s License and VIN scanners
  • Frees up your sales team to SELL!
  • Never be caught off guard when a prospect calls in with patented Selly™ Notes Pop Up screen
  • Respond to Internet leads on-the-go
  • Localized in 11 languages
  • Text, email, and make Selly Voice calls from the app

Lead Analytics Dashboard

Track Custom Sources

The dashboard also allows for custom tracking as well of offline and online marketing sources. For example, if your dealership is running a mailer campaign with a specific call to action that can be tracked by adding it in as a marketing source under the Selly Dealer settings menu. Online marketing sources like Facebook campaign can be manually tracked as well.

Internet Lead Analytics

We have an easy to use dashboard where you can enter the monthly subscription cost of your internet lead providers like TrueCar and our dashboard will automatically calculate based on sold deals: the conversion rate, cost per lead, and most importantly, cost per sale. That gives you as the dealership the must-have business analytics about lead spend.

Texting & Voice

Selly Voice

Selly Voice allows your dealership to track and record phone calls made through the Selly web or mobile platform. Selly Voice allows management to hold their sales team accountable and train via our stored call archives from follow-up calls, inbound sales requests, and other dealership activity. Best of all, when a customer calls your Selly phone number the client will be routed to their salesperson's direct line.

Selly texting

We keep you compliant by sending Opt-In SMS text messages to customers and allow them to Opt-out if they wish to receive no further contact. Additionally, if you ever let go of a salesperson, all of the SMS texts will be stored in the Selly platform and management can have transparency into what is texted to customers. We support both SMS (Text Only) as well as MMS (Photo/Video URL) messages.


Here are just some of our inventory integrations

  • Automanager
  • Cars For Sale
  • Wayne Reaves
  • eBizAutos
  • eCarList
  • Dealer Car Search
  • Dealers Cloud
  • Dominion
  • Finance Express
  • Frazer
  • V12 Software
  • Auto Revolution
  • KGI
  • vAuto
  • Auction123
  • FlexDealer
  • CarGiGi
  • Tracker Support
  • Auto Search Technologies
  • Shift Digital (KBB)
  • Inventory +
  • Auto Revo
  • Skywerks
  • HomeNet

Here are just some of our sales data integrations

  • AutoManager (DeskManager)
  • Frazer DMS
  • Wayne Reaves DMS
  • Skywerks DMS
  • Lot Wizard DMS
  • SureFire DMS (Canada)
  • More Coming Soon!