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The midsize lot plan is created for the independent dealerships who want each of their sales employees to benefit from the increased revenue and productivity.
$250/month 4 - 9 Users LET'S TALK


This dealer plan is specifically created for the small, independent dealership who wants an affordable CRM solution to increase their bottom line.
$99/month UP TO 3 Users LET'S TALK


The newest plan specifically created for the one man show who wants to accelerate their success.
$50/month UP TO 1 Users LET'S TALK
paymenticons.jpg *Minimum per user pricing shown month based on account limits. For higher pricing tiers please contact our sales team. Based on Quarterly Commitment and not including Set-up Fee.

All Plans Include


Selly Work Plans

Create and customize automated follow-up schedules for your sales team.


Manages Internet Leads

Manage leads from Autotrader, CarGurus, TrueCar, as well as other major providers.


Prospect Management

Add fresh ups, track follow-ups, assign automated tasks, and maximize customer contacts.


Appointment & Task Management

Manage and create new appointments and tasks for your sales team.


Automated Email Replies

Setup automated replies to internet leads and manage sales team lead response time.

Why Selly is Better than the Rest

  • Work Plan, Appointment, & Task capability
  • Email Integration & Follow Up Automation
  • Internet Lead & Prospect Management
  • Voice & SMS/MMS Text Messaging
  • Inventory Feed (Website, IMS, DMS)
  • DMS Integrations
  • Selly Notes Pop (Patented Selly Notes )
  • Real-Time Support
  • Easy of Use
  • Onboard after Sign Up
  • Affordability
  • Selly
    Per Month
  • checkob_white.png
  • checkob_white.png
  • checkob_white.png
  • checkob_white.png
  • Standard
  • Seamless Integration with Several Major DMS Systems
  • Unique to Selly
  • Real-Time Chat Support
  • Simple, easy to use.
  • 3-5 Days
  • Priced for Even the Smallest Dealership
  • The Competitors
    Per Month
  • checkbox.png
  • checkbox.png
  • checkbox.png
  • checkbox.png
  • N/A
  • Less Independent Focsued DMS Integrations
  • N/A
  • No Chat. Lengthy Call or Email Support Wait Times.
  • Complex and Feature Heavy
  • Several Weeks
  • Built for New Car and Large Independents

Voice & Text Add-Ons Starting at $30/mo


SMS/MMS Text Messaging

Text customers from Selly Automotive and manage opt-ins to be compliant.


Selly Voice

Text customers from Selly Automotive and manage opt-ins to be compliant.

What People Are Saying

  • Allan O
    Selly Automotive tech support is excellent, and I mean EXCELLENT. Calls are answered immediately and the few issues we've had (mostly user error) have been resolved very quickly. The software itself is very intuitive and integrates very nicely with our DMS and our lead sources. It has been instrumental in tracking our leads and driving sales since we started using it.
  • Mike M
    The ease of use is my favorite. It is extremely easy to access the system, input and retrieve data from the app as well as the website!
  • Derek S
    I use the free version of the CRM and it works good. You can add customers and inventory and notes. Easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Selly different than other CRMs?

Our software focuses on ease of use with our simple and modern interface for both management and sales reps. Our price point is a fraction of what our competition sells for and we have exceptional customer service.

Is Selly Automotive's CRM worth it if I’ve got a smaller customer base?

Yes, Selly Automotive is built from the ground up for small to mid-size independent and BHPH dealerships like yourself in need of easy-to-use sales software. We have dealers that sell as few as 5 cars a month using our solution.

What's a CRM & why do I need it?

At its core, a CRM system helps to manage sales and marketing processes while delivering a more streamlined customer experience. CRMs let dealerships set workflows for their sales teams, manage Internet leads, and store valuable customer data that allows remarketing to existing customers. For example, a dealership can leverage a CRM database as it would Internet leads, to run customized campaigns encouraging trade-ins. CRM leads are warmer, as you have more information about an existing relationship than with a lead purchased online. Also, CRM systems help both management and the sales team shorten sales cycles and turn inventory faster. Plus, manager dashboards help track overall trends and individual performance levels, while resource-specific views show each salesperson his or her open opportunities in order to ensure prompt follow-up for faster closes. Some market research shows CRM adopters typically see a 32-percent improvement in win rate and a 50-percent acceleration of sales conversions. With that type of ROI, it’s worth it for dealerships of all sizes to explore what is possible to meet their CRM needs.

How much is it going to cost me?

We start at $50 per month billed quarterly for our 1 user plan.

Can you give me a discount?

We are priced to sell at a fraction of what competing CRM systems offer and that’s why we are transparent about our pricing online.

What’s your setup on time?

Our average set up time is 3-5 business days but in some cases, it could take longer if your inventory provider does not send the feed over to us as soon when requested.

What lead providers are we able to receive our internet leads from?

We work with any lead provider that sends us leads in XML ADF. This includes popular providers like Autotrader, TrueCar, Car Gurus, and We can also take leads from your website in XML ADF format as well.

Do you guys offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial at Selly as there is a lot of setup involved on our end and we want to make sure you are trained by one of the team members before using the platform. With that said, we do offer a free mobile-only version of our CRM called Selly Lite you can download from the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

How does it help my employees and internal operation?

With a CRM your employees will never drop the ball; with the work plan that creates and customize automated follow-up schedules for your sales team so they can reach out to customers on time which improves sales practices and boost sales. Our easy to use software will save you the time of having to manually add customers data, sending follow up emails or even creating tasks on a daily basis. This will give your sales team more time to focus on closing deals and making sales.

Can I try it for a month only?

We do not offer 1-month commitments because we like to see a 90-day commitment to implement Selly into your workflow.

Will someone come to our store for our training session?

No, we will be doing a screen share webinar on OR Uber Conference.

What does the setup fee consist of?

The setup fee consists of an 1 - 2 hour training session; account creation from the development team; inventory feed and internet lead setup; and continued support. (Does not include data import*)

Do you integrate with my DMS?

Selly is very easy to integrate with, make sure you tell your DMS vendor to reach out to us and get the process started if we don’t already integrate. This is something they will need to initiate on their end.

Explain the integration you have with Frazer/Automanager/Wayne Reaves


One-directional integration with inventory feed and sold file. An inventory feed and sold file are sent on a nightly basis from Frazer to Selly updating inventory and deal data, respectively, in Selly.

Bi-directional integration with inventory feed and sold file. An inventory feed and sold file are sent on a nightly basis from Automanager to Sellyupdating inventory and deal data, respectively, in Selly.

There is also a “Send to Automanger” button in the Selly accounts of Automanager dealership users, allowing them to send deal-related data to Automanager’s desking tool, Desk Manager, in real time. This information transfer does not go through FTP, but rather, happens on a web services level.

Wayne Reaves

One-directional integration with inventory feed only, sent to Selly on a nightly basis


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