Case Study

The Challenge

Access Auto Sales, a used car dealership located in Apple Valley, CA started using Selly Automotive’s CRM platform in November of 2016. After joining Selly, Access noticed an immediate increase in sales. As a result of using Selly, sales are up 15% over last year. Selly has also been useful to them in following up with leads, keeping a history of customer visits, sending automated emails to new and existing customers, tracking sales consultants’ performance, and seeing a vehicle’s value and price ranking in the market.

Rock Auto, a dealership in Wheat Ridge, CO started using Selly Automotive’s CRM platform in April of 2017. Having now been with Selly for over a year and counting, they’ve experienced a nearly 50% increase in average monthly sales and have been able to manage their dealership better than ever before. When it comes to client outreach and management, Selly CRM is the system they trust!

the solution

Here’s how it worked for Access Auto Sales

Selly Automotive was easily integrated with the company’s website provider, and organized all of their leads, from a variety of sources, in one place, enlarging their lead base and allowing the sales team to manage and leverage those leads efficiently and effectively, and turn one-time leads into long-term customers. “We’ve experienced the benefit of having a place to capture all the data and to really manage it with action plans,” explains Access Auto Sales Sales Manager Kit Eaker.

  • Access Auto Sales utilized Selly Automotive's user-friendly, automated email campaign feature

    to market their available inventory to targeted customers, leading to a dramatic increase in closing sales percentages – which were also easily tracked with Selly.

  • The company’s sales reps took advantage of the Selly Automotive mobile app to scan drivers licenses, get demographic data about the customer, and scan VIN codes to help develop trade information right on the lot, smoothing the entire sales process for both the dealer and the customer
  • Sales reps used Selly Automotive's built-in texting feature to quickly follow up with customers who prefer text contact, reach out to them with promotional texts and more – prompted by Selly Automotive's automated daily task generation system – leading to better customer relationships and more sales.
  • The sales manager used the Selly Automotive dashboard to track who and what were generating the most sales, allowing the dealership to focus its resources on the people and processes that worked, and eliminate what didn’t.
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the numbers

The numbers don’t lie, and Access Auto Sales not only experienced a huge improvement in business, but set itself up to survive and even thrive in the future, no matter what twists and turns the world takes.

First Month Sales
Increased by


Overall Sales
Increased by


the conclusion

To experience these results in your dealership, talk to your Selly Automotive sales representative or visit today. All of the above is available to you right now, no matter what the size of your company, and implemented quickly and easily, regardless of how computer-savvy your sales team is.

As you can see from the Access Auto Sales story, there’s really no reason to keep doing things the way you have been, and thousands of reasons to turn to Selly Automotive right now – for the future.

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